fermentable fermentable


  • (adj) capable of being fermented


  1. Their brews retain the character of the original ingredients, which can include anything organic and fermentable, from potatoes to grain to beets.
  2. Dancing on a legal pinhead for the past four years have been the manufacturers of fermentable grape concentrates.


  • Genetically modified tobacco plants are viable for producing biofuels

    An agricultural engineer has demonstrated, for the first time, the viability of using specific tobacco proteins (known as thioredoxins) as biotechnological tools in plants. Specifically, she has managed to increase the amount of starch produced in the tobacco leaves by 700% and fermentable sugars by 500%.
    on October 14, 2013     Source: Science Daily


  • "With industrial biotechnology processes that use enzymes to convert crops and crop residues to fermentable sugars, the United States could produce over 70 billion gallons of ethanol a year from cellulose-containing crop residues, such as corn...
    on Apr 25, 2006 By: Jim Greenwood Source: PR Newswire (press release)

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