fermata fermata


  1. (n) a musical notation (over a note or chord or rest) that indicates it is to be prolonged by an unspecified amount
  2. (n) (music) a prolongation of unspecified length on a note or chord or rest


  1. Striking a balance may be the key to regulating noise in downtown Stuart

    The Stuart noise ordinance may have stopped the music Thursday night at Terra Fermata.
    on January 25, 2014     Source: Stuart News

  2. Noise complaint cuts music short at Terra Fermata in downtown Stuart

    Terra Fermata in downtown Stuart gets a visit from police. Find out what happened.
    on January 24, 2014     Source: Stuart News


  • "I hope very, very much that 'The Fermata' is going to come back to life," Gaiman said of his adaptation of Nicholson Baker's sci-fi novel about a dark-intentioned man who can stop time. "I was very proud of it. It'sa very strange script -...
    on Aug 16, 2007 By: Neil Gaiman Source: MTV.com

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