feminization feminization


  • (n) the process of becoming feminized; the development of female characteristics (loss of facial hair or breast enlargement) in a male because of hormonal disorders or castration


  1. But deep thinkers would be wrong to see in the series' success yet another symptom of that much analyzed trend, the feminization of American culture.
  2. Family life of the 19th century was defined by what historians call the feminization of the domestic sphere and the marginalization of the father as a parent.
  3. The trouble lies partly in the overall design of Paint Your Wagon, in its concern with the swarming lifethe rise, feminization and declineof an entire mining town.



  1. "With women and girls making up almost 60 percent of those living with HIV/AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa, promoting gender equality and women's empowerment to address the feminization of HIV/AIDS is a key focus of our efforts to fight this deadly...
    on Dec 1, 2006 By: Josee Verner Source: PR Newswire (press release)

  2. "I think 'tough-guy TV' is, to some degree, a little bit of a rebellion against the feminization of leading men," said Discovery President-General Manager John Ford. "It's not to turn back the clock on gender relations, but rather to...
    on Jun 6, 2008 By: John Ford Source: Scripps News

  3. A major element of the meetings, General Assembly President Jan Eliasson said, must be the "feminization of the epidemic" and the decisions that are necessary to have a tangible impact on young women's lives.
    on Jun 1, 2006 By: Jan Eliasson Source: AllAfrica.com

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