federal federal  /ˈfɛ də rəl/


  1. (n) a member of the Union Army during the American Civil War
  2. (n) any federal law-enforcement officer
  3. (adj) national; especially in reference to the government of the United States as distinct from that of its member units
  4. (adj) of or relating to the central government of a federation
  5. (adj) being of or having to do with the northern United States and those loyal to the Union during the American Civil War
  6. (adj) characterized by or constituting a form of government in which power is divided between one central and several regional authorities


  1. The men and women selected to be federal air marshals spend 11 weeks in one of the best and most specialized federal law-enforcement training programs.
  2. You might think that federal buildings that house the Department of Justice or members of Congress would have decent security.
  3. Currently, the federal Medicaid program pays for abortion only in three limited circumstances: to save the life of the mother, or in cases of rape or incest.


  1. Federal charges filed in Indy "sextortion" case

    Federal charges have been filed against an Indianapolis man, alleging that for a year, he engaged in “sextortion ” and sexual assault targeting minor females in the Indianapolis area.
    on June 21, 2013     Source: Fort Wayne News-Sentinel

  2. Federal-Mogul's $1.9B loan declines as refinancing plan postponed

    Bloomberg News - Federal-Mogul Corp.'s $1.9 billion term loan due in 2014 fell 2 cents today after the Carl Icahn-controlled auto parts supplier canceled plans to refinance $3.05 billion of debt, according to Markit Group Ltd.
    on June 21, 2013     Source: Crain's Detroit Business

  3. Federal agency approves Entergy grid transfer to ITC Holdings

    (Reuters) - The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) on Thursday approved Entergy Corp's $1.78 billion plan to spin off and then merge its electric transmission business with ITC Holdings Corp . FERC said in a statement that the transfer of assets is consistent with the public interest and meets the commission's merger policy. New Orleans-based Entergy and Michigan-based ITC are working ...
    on June 20, 2013     Source: Reuters via Yahoo! News


  1. "Our failure to act responsibly at the federal level will only open the door to irresponsibility by others," Obama said during a naturalization ceremony for two dozen new US citizens, all of them members of the military.
    on Apr 23, 2010 By: Barack Obama Source: USA Today

  2. In the majority decision, Justice Samuel Alito wrote that the Second Amendment right "applies equally to the federal government and the states."
    on Jun 29, 2010 By: Samuel Alito Source: The Associated Press

  3. "The federal government not being able to do its job is not a reason for thousands of Louisianians to lose their jobs," Jindal said.
    on Jul 8, 2010 By: Bobby Jindal Source: The Associated Press

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