feasibly feasibly  /ˈfi zəb li/


  • (adv) in a practicable manner; so as to be feasible


  1. In a symbol of how things just kept going wrong for England, star David Beckham was forced out of the match due to an injury in the 51st minute feasibly his last Cup match ever.
  2. No nation can feasibly solve it by itself.
  3. Also, I just don't think that the government could feasibly have 300 million people covered.



  1. "No particular reason we chose Canada," said Chris Taylor, another cast member. "We just thought they'd be a country who the cops wouldn't scrutinise too closely and who, feasibly, would only have three cars in their motorcade - as opposed to...
    on Sep 6, 2007 By: Chris Taylor Source: Scotsman

  2. Viggo, who plays a Russian mob member in the film, said: "That scene was slippery, painful and embarrassing. I always knew the scene should be as realistic as the rest of the movie, so I couldn't feasibly keep the towel on. Plus, we shouldn't be...
    on Oct 22, 2007 By: Viggo Mortensen Source: soFeminine.co.uk

  3. "I was on the field for that celebration," Connolly said. "It was awesome. The way it worked out that was the only game I could feasibly make it to, whether they won it or not. It was great to be there."
    on Jun 26, 2010 By: Kevin Connolly Source: MLB.com

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