factoid factoid


  1. (n) something resembling a fact; unverified (often invented) information that is given credibility because it appeared in print
  2. (n) a brief (usually one sentence and usually trivial) news item


  1. We might search for a website that we can't remember, a factoid for a report, or movie times for the local theater.
  2. Britain's Guardian then added the delicious factoid that at one point the only people Hita saw were Buddhist monks and Richard Gere.
  3. Early in The Natural: The Misunderstood Presidency of Bill Clinton, Joe Klein delivers a factoid that proves the title.


  1. Find the rhythm to stop and smell the roses

    New favorite factoid: Our cave dwelling ancestors marched, OK, danced to the beat of their own drums for a good reason.
    on June 25, 2013     Source: The News-Press

  2. Cornell Researchers Unveil a Virtual Notary

    First time accepted submitter el33thack3r writes "We've all wanted a trustworthy record of an online factoid, whether it's your official employment status, a tweet someone made or the hash of an open-source distribution to protect it from tampering. A group of Cornell researchers have just unveiled a service called Virtual Notary that can serve as a witness to online factoids. The service is ...
    on June 21, 2013     Source: Slashdot

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  1. "All we need to do is convince a majority of people that some factoid is true - for instance, that Africa has more elephants today than it did ten years ago," Colbert said on the program.
    on Aug 24, 2006 By: Stephen Colbert Source: San Francisco Chronicle

  2. García described the document "as a factoid and a politically-biased statement, which is the result of the internal problems that plague Peruvian politics."
    on Mar 4, 2009 By: Alvaro Garcia Linera Source: El Universal

  3. "This company has deep mobile software expertise, with two of the founders of this company being from Tegic, who created the T9 texting software," added Dederer. "Here's a cocktail party factoid: it's the most widely-distributed software of...
    on Feb 18, 2009 By: Dave Dederer Source: Wired News

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