extralegal extralegal  /ˌɛk strə ˈli ɡəl/


  • (adj) not regulated or sanctioned by law


  1. He figures the value of their extralegal property, from cinder-block squatter homes to black-market street-vendor sales, at almost $10 billion.
  2. Power drills and mock executions are not the only extralegal techniques that CIA employees are alleged to have committed.
  3. If there are no legal remedies, there'll be extralegal ones.



  1. By 1997, Litvinenko said his department had become responsible for "extralegal executions of unsuitable businessmen, politicians and other public figures" and blackmail.
    on Nov 25, 2006 By: Alexander Litvinenko Source: International Herald Tribune

  2. "Today, the Supreme Court promulgated the rule that will place the constitutional right to life, liberty and security above violation and threats of violation. This rule will provide the victims of extralegal killings and enforced disappearances the...
    on Sep 25, 2007 By: Reynato Puno Source: Inquirer.net

  3. The late American historian Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., she says, told her that "the Bush administration's extralegal counterterrorism program presented the most dramatic, sustained and radical challenge to the rule of law in American history."
    on Jul 25, 2008 By: Arthur M Schlesinger Jr Source: BuzzFlash

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