exhaustible exhaustible


  1. (adj) capable of being used up
  2. (adj) capable of being used up; capable of being exhausted


  1. We've gone from thinking the fuels that powered our growth were inexpensive, inexhaustible and benign to understanding they are exhaustible, expensive and toxic.
  2. Their power came from the uniqueness of oil, an exhaustible and not quickly replaceable resource that has long been shamefully wasted by much of the world.
  3. The move elicited criticism from educators and parents, who said the test had gotten too long to be a fair assessment of an exhaustible student's true abilities.


  • "I saw in him an exhaustible capacity for kindness," Enrile said in his own privilege speech, noting that Estrada was forgiving to those who wronged him in the past years.
    on Sep 22, 2009 By: Juan Ponce Enrile Source: Philippine Star

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