evermore evermore  /ˈɛ vər ˌmɔr/


  1. (adv) at any future time; in the future
  2. (adv) for a limitless time


  1. As prizes in all realms proliferate, the outcomes -- who wins an Oscar or a Pulitzer -- seem evermore capricious and sentimental.
  2. His dreamthen, now and probably for-evermorewas to play Cassius in Julius Caesar.



  1. "Our concern is that if the BBC moves online evermore locally, without the same commercial constraints as us, it will disrupt these markets making it much more difficult to enter into them," Bailey added. "We must not allow it to distort...
    on May 20, 2008 By: Sly Bailey Source: guardian.co.uk

  2. "The manager is still very important and he's had one hell of a run," Edwards said. "I think he'll think about moving on when he gets to 70. He will have done more years than Matt Busby and his legacy will be there for evermore. The next...
    on Oct 8, 2009 By: Martin Edwards Source: Telegraph.co.uk

  3. "During this ordeal for Indian citizens, France remains at your side and remains evermore resolute in strengthening its cooperation with your country for combating the scourge of terrorism," Sarkozy said while conveying condolences to families...
    on Nov 1, 2008 By: Nicolas Sarkozy Source: Thaindian.com (blog)

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