eradication eradication  /ɪ ˌræ də ˈkeɪ ʃən/


  • (n) the complete destruction of every trace of something


  1. A NATO ad campaign expressing sympathy for local poppy growers sparks a furor among those leading Afghanistan's drug-eradication program.
  2. Coca eradication is the linchpin of Washington's antidrug strategy.
  3. The polio eradication campaign has made remarkable strides in Nigeria.



  1. In the majority decision delivered by Justice Anthony Kennedy, the court said, "The goal of avoiding governmental endorsement does not require eradication of all religious symbols in the public realm. A cross by the side of a public highway marking,...
    on Jun 11, 2010 By: Anthony Kennedy Source:

  2. "I would hope that the media could now end the circus around this episode and dedicate its positive resources and expertise to the eradication of HIV/AIDS and other preventable diseases," Gere said. "That's what's really important here."
    on Apr 27, 2007 By: Richard Gere Source: Guardian Unlimited

  3. "It wasn't going to be enough to raise money from some very wealthy people, we needed to change the culture," said Brinker, who herself was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1984. "We needed to approach this as an eradication of an entire...
    on Jan 21, 2007 By: Nancy Brinker Source: FOX News

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