enliven enliven  /ɛn ˈlaɪ vən/


  1. (v) heighten or intensify
  2. (v) make lively


  1. But if his knights don't enliven your film summer, you can always joust with George Lucas' Jedi in the last installment of a certain other epic.
  2. The Fed is considering a plan to back new securitized commercial-property loans for five years, which could help enliven the market and create new opportunities for refinancing.
  3. But all of them seem utterly fresh and inseparable from the story they enliven and enhance.


  1. Yes, Yasiel Puig should be an All-Star

    MLB has been handed a golden opportunity to enliven its sagging All-Star Game, so I’m hoping they doesn’t follow their own precedent by finding a million excuses to turn it away. Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig is the hottest thing going in the sport, bursting onto the scene with just abo
    on July 1, 2013     Source: Seattle Times

  2. Ireland's Eye: What's going on in the old sod

    A Garryowen man who streaked on to the pitch during the Ireland-Australia International Rules fixture in Limerick last month said he did so to enliven the dull fare being offered up by the teams at the Gaelic Grounds.
    on June 29, 2013     Source: Irish Central

  3. Data center concerns add to DePaul arena fears for McCormick neighbors

    A South Loop residents' group that says a DePaul University basketball arena would damage its neighborhood on Thursday expressed concern that a nearby parcel will be developed as a large-scale data center that would do nothing to enliven the McCormick Place area.
    on June 28, 2013     Source: Chicago Tribune


  1. Seeking to build the same kind of rapport with young people enjoyed by his charismatic predecessor, Pope Benedict said he would use his trip to "confirm their faith and enliven their hope".
    on Aug 19, 2005 By: Pope Benedict XVI Source: Deutsche Welle

  2. Speaking at a public meeting, Conservative leader David Cameron said: "I have always believed in live television debates. I think they can help enliven our democracy, I think they will help answer people's questions, I think they will crystallise...
    on Dec 21, 2009 By: David Cameron Source: BBC News

  3. "She was amazingly fiery and fun, standing at this dispatch box she would enliven this chamber," said Alan Duncan, a member of parliament.
    on Jan 18, 2008 By: Alan Duncan Source: Daily News & Analysis

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