enigmatically enigmatically


  • (adv) in a cryptic manner



  1. Occasionally an Istanbul newspaper notes briefly and enigmatically that the body of a Turk or an Eastern European has been fished up from the dark waters of the Bosporus.
  2. Andropov sized up his American guest through thick bifocals and smiled enigmatically.
  3. Smiling enigmatically, he refused to affirm or deny rumors that he is about to petition the League of Nations to permit his father to quit Holland for Italy.


  • A first, jaundiced look at Windows 8.1 RTM

    Thanks to a modern-day Robin Hood enigmatically named WZOR, new pirated Windows 8.1 RTM bits are coursing through the underground veins of the Internet.
    on August 30, 2013     Source: InfoWorld

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