enigma enigma  /ɪ ˈnɪɡ mə/


  1. (n) something that baffles understanding and cannot be explained
  2. (n) a difficult problem

Derived Word(s)


  • The solar eclipse remained an enigma for centuries till it was proved that the moon cast its shadow over the earth during the solar eclipse.


  1. A rare look inside an LTE cell site, operated by Sprint in San Francisco

    There is one incredibly important field of modern technology that has always proven to be a bit of an impenetrable enigma for ExtremeTech: The hardware used by mobile carriers. We know in general terms how a cell site works, but for the most part the actual hardware and software being used is a proprietary black box. That's why it's very exciting when a mobile carrier such as Sprint invites a ...
    on June 12, 2013     Source: ExtremeTech

  2. Boston Red Sox: Three Ways for Jacoby Ellsbury to Continue His Resurgence

    COMMENTARY | The term "enigma" is generally reserved for certain players who only seem to show up for one out of every four games. But in that one game, they are almost always the best player on the field.
    on June 12, 2013     Source: Yahoo! Contributor Network via Yahoo! Sports

  3. ‘The Good Wife’ Actress Archie Panjabi On The Couch

    Actress Archie Panjabi is an Emmy-winning enigma as tough investigator Kalinda Sharma on the hit CBS drama "The Good Wife." In real life, Panjabi is dedicating herself to wiping out polio. She has teamed up with the humanitarian organization Rotary International to protect children everywhere by eradicating the crippling disease.
    on June 11, 2013     Source: CBS New York


  1. Russia remains that "riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma" of which Winston Churchill complained in 1939, ever waiting for another act of redemption.
    on Feb 24, 2006 By: Winston Churchill Source: International Herald Tribune

  2. "It was really smart of Todd to cast a woman to play it, because I think it increases that break," Blanchett said. "The distance, the enigma of Dylan and the performer. It's very mysterious and incredibly poetic, and if the audience is...
    on Sep 12, 2007 By: Cate Blanchett Source: Washington Post

  3. "Gallery is an enigma," said Gil Brandt, the NFL's scouting consultant and longtime personnel director of the Dallas Cowboys. "I thought he would be really good and he hasn't been."
    on Apr 21, 2008 By: Gil Brandt Source: SportingNews.com

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