egomaniac egomaniac  /ˌi ɡoʊ ˈmeɪ ni æk/


  • (n) an abnormally egotistical person


  1. Given the buzz attached to his name in the hallowed halls of Apple, Jonathan Ive might be expected to be something of an egomaniac.
  2. There are no libidinous or abusive producers, no hysterically egomaniac directors, not even a failed novelist making a rich, bitter livelihood by writing for the screen.
  3. Even the egomaniac Salvador Dali envied his multi-gifted friend.



  1. "I don't really think about those things," Griffey said of departing in lavish fashion. "That's not one of those things that's really that important. If it happens, it happens. If it doesn't, it doesn't. I'm not the egomaniac that wants...
    on Oct 4, 2009 By: Ken Griffey Jr Source: Seattle Times

  2. "It's a huge achievement. It would be pretty egomaniac-ish of me, if that's even a word, to say it wasn't a big deal," Roenick said. "It's even bigger than I thought now that I've achieved it. But that is not why I came back to play."
    on Nov 16, 2007 By: Jeremy Roenick Source:

  3. "Hitler was a two-faced person," Rivers explained. "Hitler was an egomaniac. Hitler was ruthless and so was Annie. The difference was mainly that Hitler never had PMS . . . which I think Annie suffered from continuously."
    on May 11, 2009 By: Joan Rivers Source: Boston Herald

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