echocardiogram echocardiogram


  • (n) a graphical image of the heart produced by an echocardiograph


  1. To get a better handle on what's going on inside a woman's heart, many cardiologists perform an echocardiogram during a treadmill test.
  2. Yes, an echocardiogram is technically better than a stethoscope for examining the heart, and an automatic blood-pressure cuff can take as good a reading as a nurse.
  3. Advice: if an echocardiogram doesn't show a heart-valve problem, don't take antibiotics.



  • "Baylee's had been complaining since October of having small little chest pains," Brian explained. "I was born with a heart murmur. [His echocardiogram] revealed that there was some inflammation of the coronary artery. What happens is...
    on Jan 7, 2009 By: Brian Littrell Source: NBC Philadelphia

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