eavesdropped eavesdropped


  • (v) listen without the speaker's knowledge


  1. Having painstakingly tailed and eavesdropped on Barnes for more than ten years, local narcs figured they were building a better case against him.
  2. While working in a menial maintenance job, Valland eavesdropped on her Nazi bosses as they catalogued looted Vermeers and Rembrandts, and shipped them off.
  3. However, when I eavesdropped on a panel discussion on TV's future hosted by top Hollywood TV agent Pat Quinn, I heard several warnings from the industry experts.


  • GooGLe PaSSPoRT

        While millions of Americans fret over how it can be possible that their data and phone calls can be eavesdropped without a warrant by thousands of low level NSA analysts (some even without High School diplomas), the rest of the world can fret over who or what protects them from the prying eyes of the Netplex without the benefit of one of these. Afterall, 99.99% of the world's internet ...
    on June 16, 2013     Source: Zero Hedge


  • "The same agencies also eavesdropped on Japanese representatives during negotiations with the US in 1995 over auto parts trade," Blum added.
    on Oct 16, 2007 By: William Blum Source: Scoop.co.nz

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