dunned dunned  /ˈdənd/


  1. (n) horse of a dull brownish grey color
  2. (n) a color or pigment varying around a light grey-brown color
  3. (v) treat cruelly
  4. (v) persistently ask for overdue payment
  5. (v) cure by salting
  6. (v) make a dun color
  7. (adj) of a dull greyish brown to brownish grey color


  • At green money-changing kiosks erected for the occasion, each visiting Berliner was dunned 75 in West German marks as the price of admission to his domain.


  • Patients caught in price war between Meadowlands Hospital and UnitedHealthCare

    Ashok Vaidya thought his bill for two cortisone injections in April 2011 at Meadowlands Hospital and Medical Center was settled long ago — until he received a collection notice for $86,846. The computer programmer from Middlesex County is one of dozens of patients being dunned for charges the hospital says should have been paid by UnitedHealthcare.
    on February 18, 2014     Source: The Record


  • "We learned that in their incredible cave-in to the powerful interests of the drug companies of America, they dunned the taxpayers of our nation $139 billion extra so they can line the pockets of people who contributed to their campaign," Kerry...
    on Feb 1, 2004 By: John Kerry Source: USA Today

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