duenna duenna


  • (n) a woman chaperon


  1. For 26 years on radio and TV, the Bell Telephone Hour played duenna to the world's best music and most of its best contemporary performers, from Pons and Pinza to Toscanini and.
  2. At least once, however, the duenna grew forgetful, and Melville briefly became a poet.
  3. The French Academythe 40 most learned men in France who meet in L'Institut de France and guard the purity of the French language with the vigilance of a duennadecreed that.


  • TISD Spelling Bee

    Northpointe Intermediate School sixth grade student Priya Malhotra (right) took the top spot in the Tomball ISD Spelling Bee. Lakewood Elementary School fourth grade student Sreeja Thipireddy took second place. After 27 rounds, Malhotra won the bee by correctly spelling the word duenna.
    on February 17, 2014     Source: The Tomball Potpourri

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