drudging drudging


  • (adj) doing arduous or unpleasant work



  1. Both men credit their success to drudging pursuit of the facts.
  2. But such trips were only occasional relief from the drudging work of the junior infantry officer.
  3. Tourism plays a part, as do insurance, education, construction and a massive increase in drudging service-sector jobs.


  • Review: 'Black Sails' is a pirate treasure

    The Starz series 'Black Sails' vividly depicts the daily life of pirates. Something in us loves a pirate. Of all the world's brigands, the pirate is the most romantic, the one whose way of life represents a breezy alternative to our drudging own. What child does not know how many men sit on a dead man's chest?        
    on January 25, 2014     Source: Los Angeles Times

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