drooping drooping  /d ˈru pɪŋ/


  1. (adj) weak from exhaustion
  2. (adj) hanging down (as from exhaustion or weakness)
  3. (adj) having branches or flower heads that bend downward


  1. Guyuron and his colleagues believe this unjust fact has something to do with the drooping relaxation of facial muscles that antidepressants can cause.
  2. As if surprised at this reaction, Secretary Mellon feebly protested that his new tax program had not been proclaimed to boost drooping security values.
  3. And every week a dozen tank cars rumble through the pine grove of the Imperial Palace, hosing dust and soot from the drooping needles.


  1. Pigeon breeder delights in 'dying hobby'

    The backyard of Jim Feasel's rural log home is filled with tall shade trees, drooping wisteria, a tinkling waterfall and about a dozen bird feeders that attract local birds like Baltimore orioles, woodpeckers and wrens.
    on June 12, 2013     Source: Bucyrus Telegraph-Forum

  2. 5 Surprising Signs of Burnout

    Long-term overwork doesn't just cause physical exhaustion and a short temper. Here are some less expected tells that you're on your last reserves. Exhaustion isn’t just easy to identify, it’s actually pretty impossible to ignore. Fuzzy thinking, a short temper, drooping eyelids, and the need to practically hook yourself up to the coffee pot with an IV drip are all tried and tested signs that you ...
    on June 11, 2013     Source: Inc Magazine

  3. Our Readers' Views: Tribute is suicide

    To the Editor: On June 27, 2012, at my home near the San Pedro River, the thermometer hit 113 degrees. The leaves of my plants are drooping due to current humidity as dry as a bone. According to the National Weather Service Climate Prediction Center, drought in Southeastern Arizona will persist or even intensify. Temperatures in our area are expected to remain above normal; however, ocean ...
    on June 9, 2013     Source: The Sierra Vista Herald


  1. "But there's never an expression change on Yoda," Kershner said. "You know that, right? You think there is, but it's body language. It's the eyes drooping, it's the ears going down. But it's the same face. Did you ever see Yoda smile? No."
    on Sep 20, 2004 By: Irvin Kershner Source: USA Today

  2. "I used that flag as my aeronometer to judge the speed of the wind," said Bannister. "It had been windy all day and I only knew the time was on when I saw it drooping."
    on Mar 22, 2009 By: Roger Bannister Source: Sportinglife.com

  3. In American Notes (1842), Charles Dickens wrote of alleys "paved with mud knee-deep ...... and hideous tenements which take their name from robbery and murder. All that is loathsome, drooping and decayed is here."
    on Feb 1, 2008 By: Charles Dickens Source: Sydney Morning Herald

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