dreamy dreamy  /d ˈri mi/


  1. (adj) dreamy in mood or nature
  2. (adj) lacking spirit or liveliness


  1. See if you can spot anything offensive about the following scenes from Syndromes and a Century, the dreamy new $1.
  2. Tommy Barrett is a dreamy-eyed fifth-grader who lives with his parents, twin brothers, two cats and a turtle in San Jose, Calif.
  3. But as the Viet Nam War was singular and strange, the dark, dreamy, redemptive memorial to its American veterans is like no other.


  1. Check Out Gerard Butler’s Lush Los Feliz Villa!

    Gerard Butler is a bonafide A-lister — and has the digs to prove it. The dreamy Scotsman shelled out $3.25 million for a villa in the star-hive Los Feliz neighborhood… READ ON
    on June 21, 2013     Source: RadarOnline.com

  2. Behold, Justin Bieber's First Instagram Video

    If you haven't already heard, Instagram now allows users to post not only dreamy filtered selfies and pics of all your favorite foods, but also 15 seconds of edited video. What that means for now rival site Vine is definitely a question. What that means in terms of enjoying videos of all your favorite celebs showing us the inner workings of their world is another. This brings me to Justin Bieber ...
    on June 21, 2013     Source: Zimbio

  3. Throwback Thursday: See Brad Pitt Before He Was Famous … But Still Dreamy!

    Then: A dreamy-eyed, 25-year-old actor from Missouri named Brad Pitt had already turned up on TV shows like "21 Jump Street" and "Dallas," but he was still three years away from landing his attention-grabbing role as the shirtless cowboy who … Continue reading ?
    on June 20, 2013     Source: omg! Celeb News via omg!


  1. "He was a dreamy guy to do business with. He was inspirational and courteous and generous to everyone around him," Nighy added.
    on Jan 21, 2009 By: Bill Nighy Source: ABC Online

  2. "I can sum up this mission in two words: It is about national security, our national security in the UK ...... We don't have some dreamy ideas about what this mission is about," Cameron said. "Just as soon as we have trained up that Afghan...
    on Jun 10, 2010 By: David Cameron Source: Reuters UK

  3. "The record is quite eclectic," Vig says. "There are three or four songs that sound like classic Jimmy Eat World, with angular, razor-sharp guitars. There are a couple that are a lot more dreamy, and some that are very groove-acious. Anybody...
    on Jan 9, 2007 By: Butch Vig Source: Billboard

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