double-park double-park


  • (v) park a vehicle alongside another


  1. That means creating dedicated bike lanes and ticketing cars that double-park in them.
  2. Last April, two New York City police officers said they had observed Bayless double-park her car in the Washington Heights neighborhood.
  3. I double-park and push past a throng of parents.


  • Be Careful When You Double-Park Your Car Full of Heroin

    There's a lesson on proper parking somewhere in the tale of the guy whose double-parked car was found to contain nearly 20 pounds of heroin. CBS New York reports that officers in an unmarked car saw someone throw a duffel bag into the car's trunk and then run off, and when they searched the vehicle they found the drugs, worth $750,000. So perhaps the lesson here is on subtlety in general.
    on August 12, 2013     Source: New York Magazine

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