double-jointed double-jointed


  • (adj) having unusually flexible joints especially of the limbs or fingers


  1. A hearty, buxom woman with auburn hair and green eyes, she is as relaxed as a double-jointed shortstop.
  2. If there were no feeling behind it, this double-jointed vocalizing would be only a freak talent.
  3. It ripples across the roughest terrain like a huge, double-jointed caterpillar.


  • Home » Campus » Featured Artist: Mary Pat Letourneau

    Ever since junior dance major, Mary Pat Letourneau , discovered her double-jointed limbs could twist her body into abnormal positions, teachers have been telling her to join the circus.
    on September 30, 2013     Source: The Columbia Chronicle


  • "Guys mess around with me," said Bruschi. "They call me `The Contortionist,' they call me `Gumby,' they say I'm double-jointed. A lot of things like that. I think I was lucky escaping injury right there. It was one of those things where I was...
    on Nov 15, 2004 By: Tedy Bruschi Source: Boston Globe

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