doltish doltish


  • (adj) heavy and dull and stupid


  1. In this doltish western, he gives the kind of performancesloppy, indifferent, contemptuousfor which he is usually and too casually berated.
  2. Some salesmen sneered: smart son, going to work for rich father; others sneered: smart father, providing for doltish son.
  3. All the couplings are accompanied by doltish dialogue, and they are staged with an amateurishness that would get them hooted off the screen in any decently managed hard-core house.


  • Conservatives once ridiculed Ayn Rand

    Today's doltish conservatives, like Paul Ryan, worship her. But their forebears called Rand's work "preposterous"        
    on August 8, 2013     Source:


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