divvied divvied  /ˈdɪ vid/


  • (n) short for dividend; especially one paid by a cooperative society


  1. The task of reconstructing Europe after World War II was divvied up among the handful of victorious nations.
  2. With zero fanfare, Leonard divvied up $60 million among 471 current and former City National staffers.
  3. But it's a nightmare of corporate governance because management and blue-collar jobs have traditionally been divvied up among its various state and private owners.


  1. 10 Madison Square West Interiors: A Study In Classy Neutrals

    A rendering of the completed building with its roof-top addition, where the penthouse "tower residences" will be located. A decade (or two) ago it might have been adventurous for an upper-middle-class brood to move downtown, but now going south is about as edgy as a pair of Tori Burch flats. Gone are the days when artistic sorts divvied up Tribeca lofts or crammed themselves into Chelsea walk ...
    on June 19, 2013     Source: The New York Observer

  2. Corruption fighters blow the whistle on Angola's missing millions

    Jun. 11 (GIN) – Hundreds of millions of dollars may have been divvied up between Angola’s President, Eduardo dos Santos, and Russian and French arms dealers, in what has been called “one of the most e
    on June 12, 2013     Source: New York Amsterdam News


  1. To meet those challenges, Obama said, will require reversing a recent governmental philosophy "that says every problem can be solved if only government would step out of the way, if government were just dismantled and divvied up into tax breaks, it...
    on Feb 12, 2009 By: Barack Obama Source: Norwich Bulletin

  2. Chris Huhne, Liberal Democrat home affairs spokesman and a former MEP, said: "Nick Griffin was always going to get some role in the Parliament, because jobs are divvied up fairly. The crying shame is that he is representing Europe at a key summit...
    on Nov 29, 2009 By: Chris Huhne Source: Times Online

  3. "By the way, the proceeds from tonight's telecast ...... will be divvied up between huge corporations," Martin said.
    on Feb 23, 2007 By: Steve Martin Source: Reuters India

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