dissemble dissemble  /dɪs ˈɛm bəl/


  1. (v) make believe with the intent to deceive
  2. (v) hide under a false appearance
  3. (v) behave unnaturally or affectedly


Derived Word(s)


  1. Large companies that dissemble or hold back information from their customers should not be trusted.
  2. The spin doctors at the helm distorted facts, dissembled and unashamedly spread a lot of lies.


  • Man Returns $98,000 He Found in Desk Purchased on Craigslist

    Shopping for a desk on Craigslist , a Rabbi from Connecticut got more than he bargained for — much more. Noah Muroff paid less than $200 for the desk, according to WTNH News . When it wouldn't fit through his office door, he and his wife began to dissemble the desk in hopes of squeezing it through. That's when Muroff noticed behind one of the drawers a plastic shopping bag containing $98,000 ...
    on November 12, 2013     Source: Mashable


  1. Senator Faulkner said he was old-fashioned about such matters and didn't want to have to "vague things up a little ...... or dissemble a little" if quizzed about his intentions during the campaign.
    on Jul 6, 2010 By: John Faulkner Source: NEWS.com.au

  2. "His inability to answer simple and straight forward questions was just stunning," Schumer said. "His instinct is not to tell the truth, but to dissemble and deceive."
    on Jul 26, 2007 By: Charles Schumer Source: Raw Story

  3. "It is one thing for Mr. Clarke to dissemble in front of the media," said Senate majority leader Bill Frist, "but if he lied under oath to the United States Congress, it is a far, far more serious matter."
    on Mar 29, 2004 By: Bill Frist Source: CNN

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