disruptively disruptively


  • (adv) in a disruptive manner


  1. The third child, also a girl, is long since dead, but her spirit disruptively haunts Sethe's house.
  2. The dizzying series of oil-price hikes begun by OPEC in late 1973 led to widespread speculation that the cartel's members would eventually soak up a disruptively large share of the.
  3. Washington and London had expected Generals de Gaulle and Giraud to tangle disruptively over the Liberation Committee's recent purge of elderly and ex-Vichyite officers.



  • While BitTorrent's Cohen said the tracker removal feature is part of his ongoing effort to make publishing files online "painless and disruptively cheap", the move is only one of several designed to remove BitTorrent's dependence on centralised...
    on May 23, 2005 By: Bram Cohen Source: ZDNet UK

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