disregarded disregarded  /ˌdɪs rɪ ˈɡɑr dɪd/


  • (adj) not noticed inadvertently


  1. Therefore, the people of those two states disregarded adamantly the DNC's decision that they would not seat the delegates.
  2. The road to Presidential conventions is strewn with the political skulls of men who have disregarded these rules: Rule 1.
  3. By the time Lila has disregarded Eddie's warnings about the strong Mexican sun, stayed too long on the beach and picked up a case of sunstroke, he's ready to leave her.


  1. Deputies: SUV ran stop light, causes wreck on Hwy 41

    An accident in Vanderburgh County on U.S. 41 sends three to the hospital. The Vanderbugh County Sheriff's Office says an SUV heading north on U.S. 41 was turning west onto Mt. Pleasant Road, disregarded
    on June 14, 2013     Source: 14 WFIE Evansville

  2. The 2013 Muzzle Awards

    The worst crimes against the First Amendment by The Thomas Jefferson Center Since 1992, The Thomas Jefferson Center for the Protection of Free Expression has celebrated the birth and ideals of its namesake by calling attention to those who in the past year forgot or disregarded Jefferson's admonition that freedom of speech "cannot be limited without being lost." The annual Muzzles are awarded on ...
    on June 13, 2013     Source: Missoula Independent


  1. "The president took us into this war recklessly. He disregarded warnings from the national security adviser during the first Gulf War, the chief of staff of the Army, two former commanding generals of the Central Command," and more, Webb said....
    on Jan 23, 2007 By: James Henry Webb Source: Forbes

  2. "If in our haste to 'progress,' the economics of ecology are disregarded by citizens and policymakers alike, the result will be an ugly America," Udall wrote in 1963. "We cannot afford an America where expedience tramples upon esthetics and...
    on Mar 20, 2010 By: Stewart Udall Source: Daily Beast

  3. "This is another example of a case where desperately needed jobs are being occupied by illegal aliens who have disregarded our laws and our borders," Sheriff Joe Arpaio said in the statement.
    on Jun 12, 2010 By: Sheriff Joe Arpaio Source: The Associated Press

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