disconnectedness disconnectedness


  • (n) state of being disconnected



  1. The contrast between their often wailing anguish and his pallid disconnectedness is, perhaps, the most vivid, and heartbreaking, aspect of Deliver Us from Evil.
  2. Her willful fancifulness intrigues and annoys, but in his self-absorption and disconnectedness, he misses the clues to her condition, therefore her motives.
  3. That is to say, they bear signs of social meaning beneath their inert stylishness, and they exude a creepy sense of the disconnectedness of things.


  1. In an interview with Cybercast News Service , Barnett said that the proposed new department "would cover the process of getting states from failure to functioning, from instability to stability, from disconnectedness to connectedness, from war to...
    on Apr 28, 2008 By: Thomas PM Barnett Source: Crosswalk.com

  2. "When (Butler) talked to me about the role, he was so emotional about the loneliness, the disconnectedness (of the phantom)," Schumacher says.
    on Dec 18, 2004 By: Joel Schumacher Source: San Francisco Chronicle

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