diptych diptych


  • (n) a painting or carving (especially an altarpiece) on two panels (usually hinged like a book)


  1. For example, each chapter begins with a two-page diptych.
  2. Politely he informed Director Whiting that the diptych in the museum was stolen-goods, that it belonged to the Zagreb Cathedral.
  3. In May, at rival auction house Christie's, a diptych of eight masked youths by Zeng Fanzhi fetched $9.


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  2. Much Ado About Nothing

    Joss Whedon's deft direction makes thoughtful use of gesture and physical comedy in this Shakespeare re-do by Harry Kloman In the canon of William Shakespeare, Much Ado About Nothing is probably the most difficult work — to mess up: It's charming and familiar, a diptych love story with two happy endings, albeit with a slightly dark middle as conflicts play out. Joss Whedon's new filming takes ...
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