dingoes dingoes


  • (n) wolflike yellowish-brown wild dog of Australia



  1. The wolves and dingoes walked out in protest.
  2. Three dingoes have we.
  3. It is known as the Dog Fence because it is meant to keep dingoes inside northern Australia and out of South Australia, so they won't massacre the sheep.



  1. "Dingo-deterrent fencing at communities such as the Kingfisher Bay Resort has been a successful way of minimising contact between dingoes and humans," Mr McNamara said. "I am looking forward to the same success at Eurong and Happy Valley...
    on Oct 27, 2008 By: Andrew McNamara Source: PressZoom (press release)

  2. "The president of the Royal Canine Council describes dingoes as being like loaded guns," Mr Stoner added.
    on Dec 26, 2005 By: Andrew Stoner Source: Ninemsn

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