diddly-squat diddly-squat


  • (n) a small worthless amount


  • The honest answers are that the current congress has done diddly-squat towards enacting the change that was promised in 2006.


  • It’s Super Bowl or bust for these Patriots

    So here we go again. The pursuit of a Super Bowl championship. Division titles. Making the playoffs. First-round byes. All diddly-squat. The pursuit of a Super Bowl championship. Double diddly-squat! It’s not the pursuit. The ring is the thing. And with these Patriots, a team always on the edge this season, balancing between success and collapse, well, it’s enough to make a grown man cry. And ...
    on January 10, 2014     Source: Boston Herald


  1. "Without the union movement, we would have been getting absolutely diddly-squat for all those victims," Mr Banton said. "He says that unions are irrelevant? I think Joe Hockey is irrelevant, totally irrelevant to this election."
    on Oct 17, 2007 By: Bernie Banton Source: NEWS.com.au

  2. "I asked him what the story is. And I'll say this, when he said he didn't know anything about his engine, he wasn't lying," Darrell Waltrip said. "He knows diddly-squat about engines."
    on Feb 15, 2007 By: Darrell Waltrip Source: Los Angeles Daily News

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