diametrical diametrical


  1. (adj) related to or along a diameter
  2. (adj) characterized by opposite extremes; completely opposed


  1. But the basic Christian methods of overcoming evil with active goodness was and is in diametrical opposition to the Communist methods .
  2. The film's colors and textures are handsomely diametrical: the cool elegance of Pharaoh's palace as opposed to the burnished warmth of the Israelites' huts and, more daringly, the .


  • Pittsburg, Arma split twinbill

    Monday night's doubleheader between the Pittsburg Junior Legion and the Arma Senior Babe Ruth presented a case study in diametrical opposition at the Arma Baseball Field. The largest city in Crawford County with two high schools (Pittsburg, St. Mary's Colgan) against the town with the smallest high school in the county (Northeast) — although Arma contributed Carnie Smith, John Levra, Harry ...
    on June 25, 2013     Source: The Morning Sun


  • A Nobel Peace Prize winner who abhors the policies of President George W. Bush, Mr Carter added: "A lot of them see Obama as kind of a diametrical opposite from George W. Bush and they think that he will bring to the presidency a brand new picture...
    on Apr 29, 2008 By: Jimmy Carter Source: Telegraph.co.uk

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