despicably despicably


  • (adv) in a despicable manner


  1. This plan is despicably uneven.
  2. In any case, 5am comes despicably too soon.
  3. And though the allies view their campaign in the gulf as just, there are moral limits to the conduct of war, even when confronting an opponent who behaves as despicably as Saddam.


  • Watch: What Lil' Wayne Would Do If He Was An LA Clipper

    Donald Sterling's alleged despicably racist rant has made it way around the Internet, and responses keep rolling in from fans, NBA players and celebrities. Up next with a few words for the L.A. Clippers owner is Lil' Wayne, who shared a video yesterday (Apr. 27) with his thoughts on Sterling, and how he would respond as a Clipper. He began with a concise message to Sterling: "Fuck you. That ...
    on April 27, 2014     Source: Vibe Magazine


  1. Mr Schultz added: "Having said that, I'd like to compliment him for giving me the credibility of influencing 48,000 constituents of the Port Macquarie electorate who Mr Stoner has despicably trivialised in terms of their ability and intelligence to...
    on Oct 21, 2008 By: Alby Schultz Source: Sydney Morning Herald

  2. "The suggestion in the story that I may have supported that school construction program because of Jack Abramoff or because of campaign contributions from Indian tribes is clearly and despicably wrong," Dorgan said.
    on Nov 29, 2005 By: Byron Dorgan Source: USA Today

  3. proprietor Richard Desmond, who was at the House of Lords when judgement was given, said: "OK! has always been a friend of celebrities and the management and owners of Hello behaved so despicably that I knew I had to take the case all the way."...
    on May 2, 2007 By: Richard Desmond Source: UK Express

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