desensitise desensitise


  1. (v) cause not to be sensitive
  2. (v) make insensitive



  1. "It is absolutely beyond any doubt that such killer games desensitise unstable characters and can have a stimulating effect," Mr Beckstein said on Monday.
    on Dec 6, 2006 By: Guenther Beckstein Source: MSNBC

  2. "Animal dissection is an outmoded approach to education that does little for students other than desensitise them about animal welfare issues, animals' ability to feel pain, and their own compassionate feelings," a statement quoted Rahul as...
    on Jun 21, 2010 By: Rahul Bose Source: Times of India

  3. "My review is not about making any kind of moral pronouncements, although I do think it is important to look at the desensitisation to violence," said Dr Byron. "The more violent images that are around, I think it does desensitise society and...
    on Mar 27, 2008 By: Dr Tanya Byron Source: Daily Mail

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