demurral demurral


  • (n) (law) a formal objection to an opponent's pleadings



  1. But by the time a written demurral is processed, consumers may find that their names have cropped up on several new lists.
  2. Her expected demurral, due Monday, will no doubt incense Republicans as always, but the FEC isnt after anyones head.
  3. The Marshall demurral came only as an after-fact.


  • Donal Logue Offered Harvey Bullock, Not Jim Gordon, on Fox’s ‘Gotham’

    Earlier this week, we heard that Donal Logue had been cast in the role of Jim Gordon in Gotham, Fox’s upcoming DC-based series. The Terriers actor quickly denied the report, but we had reason to take his demurral with a grain of salt; it’s not uncommon for actors to tell a bald-faced lie when asked […]
    on January 18, 2014     Source: /Film

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