delimitation delimitation


  • (n) a line that indicates a boundary

Derived Word(s)


  1. The remainder are mainly out for autonomy without geographical delimitation.
  2. For some time the Irish Free State has pressed for the 'delimitation of the boundary between its territory and that of Northern Ireland.
  3. In our discussion we have agreed to hasten the delimitation of frontiers be tween Syria on the one hand and the British mandated territories of Palestine and Irak on the other.


  1. Researchers develop a method that automatically delimits areas of brain in medical images

    Researchers have developed a method that improves the delimitation of tumors in medical images.
    on September 19, 2013     Source: Science Daily

  2. UPNA develops a method that automatically delimits areas of the brain in medical images

    ( Elhuyar Fundazioa ) A piece of research submitted by the Artificial Intelligence and Approximate Reasoning Group of the NUP/UPNA-Public University of Navarre received an award from the European Association of Fuzzy Logic and Soft Computing during its biennial meeting, EUSFLAT 2013, held in Milan last week. The researchers have developed a method that improves the delimitation of tumours in ...
    on September 19, 2013     Source: EurekAlert!


  1. Tsvangirai told the rally: "They (ZANU-PF) are continuing with violence, they are continuing with discriminatory food distribution, they are continuing with voter registration and the delimitation process despite our objections. We are saying to...
    on Dec 2, 2007 By: Morgan Tsvangirai Source: Africasia

  2. "I urge the parties to extend full cooperation to the Commission, without further delay, with a view to proceeding to the boundary demarcation on the basis of the Commission's 2002 delimitation decision," Mr. Ban writes.
    on Nov 7, 2007 By: Ban Ki-moon Source: UN News Centre

  3. "Give one last chance to Balnatah as from the next assembly elections this constituency would be reserved for the Scheduled Castes (as per delimitation exercise). He may have lost all four elections, but he never lost the zeal to work for...
    on Nov 5, 2009 By: Prem Kumar Dhumal Source: Hindustan Times

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