decontrolled decontrolled  /ˌdi kən ˈtroʊld/


  • (v) relax or remove controls of


  1. His best-known patient is Poland, which two years ago adopted the so-called Sachs Plan, which decontrolled the economy overnight after nearly half a century of communism.
  2. With the price of domestic oil now decontrolled, Alaskan crude can rise to the world level; thus the state's royalties will grow with each foreign price hike.
  3. For market incentives to work, prices will have to be decontrolled -- a frightening prospect given the pent-up inflationary pressures.


  1. "The CCEA has approved the department of fertiliser's proposal on a concession scheme for decontrolled P&K fertilisers," minister for state in the Prime Minister's Office (PMO) Prithviraj Chauhan told reporters.
    on Jun 26, 2008 By: Prithviraj Chauhan Source: Economic Times

  2. Asked about the valuation of the company to be paid by Tatas at over 11 billion dollar, Paswan said, "steel is decontrolled and the Government has no role in it...... this is between two players."
    on Jan 31, 2007 By: Ram Vilas Paswan Source: Economic Times

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