decommission decommission  /di kə ˈmɪ ʃən/


  • (v) withdraw from active service


  1. If they don't decommission and we have to suspend the institutions of government, we'll be no worse off than we are today.
  2. The D word--decommissioning--effectively stymied successive efforts by the two governments to break the logjam until the Mitchell deal two weeks ago.
  3. The waste from the decommissioning will remain in a landfill owned by the British government.


  1. Decommissioning San Onofre Nuclear Plant May Take Decades

    gkndivebum writes "Southern California Edison has elected to decommission the San Onofre nuclear plant after a failed effort to upgrade the steam generation system. 'Nuclear economics' is the reason stated for the proposed decommissioning. Other utilities operating nuclear power plants in the US likely face similar decisions when it comes to weighing the costs of upgrading older facilities ...
    on June 10, 2013     Source: Slashdot

  2. Calif. plant closing affects area

    OAK HARBOR, Ohio — A southern California utility’s decision to decommission a nuclear power plant plagued by trouble with its replacement steam generators reinforces the need for deep scrutiny of proposed steam-generator replacement at the Davis-Besse plant near Toledo, an anti-nuclear activist coalition contends.
    on June 9, 2013     Source: The Toledo Blade

  3. San Onofre to be decommissioned

    SAN ONOFRE, Calif – The process to decommission San Onofre Nuclear Power Station will be a long one beginning with the cleanup of contaminated structures and removal of the radioactive fuel. All this will happen well before Edison begins to …
    on June 8, 2013     Source: FOX 5 San Diego


  1. "There is no position whatsoever between being armed and being unarmed for the IRA," said McDowell, the justice minister. "If the IRA are decommissioning, they must decommission all their weapons in their entirety, every single pistol, every...
    on Jul 27, 2005 By: Michael McDowell Source: International Herald Tribune

  2. "The October 2002 authorization to use force has run its course. It is time, past time, to decommission this authorization and retire it to the archives," Byrd said. "If the president has more that he wants to do in Iraq, then he needs to...
    on May 3, 2007 By: Robert Byrd Source: Fort Wayne News Sentinel

  3. Speaking after the meeting, DUP leader Ian Paisley said: "It is quite clear that the IRA are not going to decommission. Nothing on decommissioning was agreed with them. Not only photographs, but nothing was discussed or settled about the independent...
    on Dec 7, 2004 By: Ian Paisley Source: BBC News

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