debtor debtor  /ˈdɛ tər/


  • (n) a person who owes a creditor; someone who has the obligation of paying a debt


  1. Others followed suit, in ever more extravagant getups, all of them banking on the debtor's sense of shame to motivate repayment.
  2. However, federal law permits the debtor to keep certain assets for his own survival: up to a $7,500 equity in his house, for example, and up to a $1,200 interest in a car.
  3. We debtor countries should do our job, but that is not enough.


  • Gwen Moore sounds alarm on student loan crisis

    Rep. Gwen Moore (D-Wis.) called for the crafting of a long-term solution to student debt Monday, saying it is necessary to deal with “the student debtor crisis” before America as a whole faces dire economic consequences.
    on June 10, 2013     Source: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


  1. "As an external debtor country, New Zealand could be vulnerable to any renewed deterioration in global debt markets," Bollard told a media conference in Wellington.
    on May 18, 2010 By: Alan Bollard Source: New Zealand Herald

  2. "The next round of capital that comes in from abroad is going to be much more demanding and move into real assets," argued Jeffrey Garten, professor of trade and finance at the Yale School of Management. "Being a bigger debtor nation means...
    on Oct 4, 2008 By: Jeffrey E Garten Source: New York Times

  3. "It is the biggest debtor the world has ever seen," Rogers says. "But what really worries me is that some states, counties and cities have been or are on the verge of going bankrupt. California is much larger than Greece and we've seen the...
    on Jul 7, 2010 By: Jim Rogers Source:

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