deafen deafen  /ˈdɛ fən/


  1. (v) be unbearably loud
  2. (v) make or render deaf
  3. (v) make soundproof


  1. The gendarmes countered with concussion grenades, which temporarily deafen and blind, allowing them to burst into the cockpit and shoot down the terrorists.
  2. The task is to rid our ears of the racket of ideas and explanations by which we seek vainly and miserably to deafen our selves.
  3. Mark Twain was said to have observed that Hutchison invented the Klaxon horn to deafen people so they would have to buy Acousticons.


  • Does UCLA's home edge top Oregon's?

    We must defend this house! The first thing a good team does is create a home-field advantage. No team wants a visitor to feel comfortable. And fans take pride in creating atmosopheres that intimidate or at least deafen. So which Pac-12 team is decidedly better at home than on the road? Here's our list based on the past three years comparing overall record to home-field record, the final number ...
    on July 3, 2013     Source: ESPN Blogs

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