de-escalation de-escalation


  • (n) (war) a reduction in intensity (of a crisis or a war)


  1. At that time, the President began demanding some form of de-escalation from Hanoi in exchange for calling off the bombers.
  2. However, it seems unlikely that any of the proposals calling for either de-escalation or withdrawal would solve quite as many problems as their advocates believe.
  3. Results of this de-escalation should show more plainly next season.



  1. "First there should be escalation from the Indian side, then the question of de-escalation will come. We have not escalated anything," Mukherjee told the Press Trust of India news agency.
    on Dec 30, 2008 By: Pranab Mukherjee Source: AFP

  2. "We would appreciate the de-escalation of Indian troops in Kashmir and bringing normalcy in Kashmir. The army by design, wherever it is, by its nature is crude -- whether it is your army or any other army," PPP Chairman Asif Ali Zardari told PTI...
    on May 22, 2008 By: Asif Ali Zardari Source: Hindu

  3. "The attacks did not start from the Israeli side, but from Hezbollah's side," said Merkel. "We call on the powers in the region to seek to bring about a de-escalation of the situation."
    on Feb 14, 2007 By: Angela Merkel Source: The Muslim News

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