dankness dankness


  • (n) unpleasant wetness


  1. At the bottom, amid swirling condensation and suffocating dankness, they enter a large hall labeled as face number 5,206.
  2. Only Hoskins rises above the dankness.
  3. To the basic ingredients of dankness and soot, Parisian passengers have added an enchanting blend of garlic, tobacco, cheap cosmetics and the sweat of honest toil.


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    DENVER — The legalization of recreational marijuana sales in Colorado is turning an underground industry into a big business — and ushering in innovations in everything from genetics to growing methods. "Every single day, someone is reinventing the wheel, so to speak," said Scott Reach, a cannabis breeder and owner of the Colorado-based seed company Rare Dankness. This 4/20 weekend, businessmen ...
    on April 19, 2014     Source: LiveScience.com via Yahoo! News

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