daintily daintily


  1. (adv) in a refined manner
  2. (adv) in a delicate manner


  1. The photographers phlegmatically took pictures of the prettiest and blondest dabbing daintily at her eyes with a handkerchief.
  2. Sprinting through a door into a living room-like set, she drops daintily onto a white sofa.
  3. There in a monastery perched on a mountain crag he composed a tome of Buddhist poems, painting each character daintily with his artful brush.


  • Friday Box Office

    Naomi Campbell walks for Isaac Mizrahi. Image courtesy of MovieClips.com With our New York Fashion Show coming up, and all the crazy cutting and sewing happenings here in the studio, my thoughts daintily tiptoed towards documentary fashion movies that focus on the backstage, pre-show happenings. “Unzipped” (1995) is 80 minutes of highly entertaining fashion fluff! Directed by Douglas Keeve , the ...
    on August 24, 2013     Source: StyleBistro


  1. "The basketball was rolling on the floor and we're tiptoeing through the freaking tulips reaching over to get the ball," Williams said. "It is so stupid. We're going to dive after the ball. We had four guys daintily trying to get the ball. If...
    on Dec 2, 2006 By: Roy Williams Source: Forbes

  2. "I do not wish to treat friendships daintily," Emerson wrote, "but with roughest courage. When they are real, they are not glass threads or frostwork, but the solidest thing we know."
    on Sep 10, 2008 By: Ralph Waldo Emerson Source: Detroit Free Press

  3. "I also don't think that Hillary Clinton is changing the paradigm simply because she is a woman, or because she is biologically different or more morally superior or more daintily sensitive," Faludi said. "If she changes the paradigm away...
    on Oct 9, 2007 By: Susan Faludi Source: Los Angeles Times

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