daintiest daintiest


  1. (n) something considered choice to eat
  2. (adj) affectedly dainty or refined
  3. (adj) delicately beautiful
  4. (adj) especially pleasing to the taste
  5. (adj) excessively fastidious and easily disgusted


  1. When President Chiang Kai-shek can snatch time to go home from China's everlasting wars, he goes to the world's daintiest First Lady, to girlish Mei-ling (ne Soong).
  2. The weekly fascination begins when one of the daintiest (5 ft.
  3. Universal's most ballyhooed 1936 release is the daintiest, quaintest, most hygienic little musicomedy of the season, written, directed and performed with such evident sincerity .
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