daintier daintier


  1. (n) something considered choice to eat
  2. (adj) affectedly dainty or refined
  3. (adj) delicately beautiful
  4. (adj) especially pleasing to the taste
  5. (adj) excessively fastidious and easily disgusted


  1. For years the authorities have tried to make New Jersey's Moonbeam a little daintier.
  2. While daintier palates might be deterred, most customers at the Lao-born, French-raised restaurateur's new establishment, the 3 Nagas, find the food irresistible.
  3. She seems to be daintier.


  • In New York, foot yoga to make high heels bearable

    New York fashionistas can seek the guidance of yoga instructor Yamuna Zake to help make walking in their most vertiginous stilettos less painful. Yamuna Zake, 59, offers specialized foot yoga classes, with students bringing in their most tortuous pair of high heels to practice a daintier, less damaging walk, The Daily Mail reports.
    on November 26, 2013     Source: AFP Relax News via Yahoo! News


  • "Any street vendor would drizzle it with yoghurt and tamarind," says Singh. "We have to refine things to make them more presentable and daintier. You would have texture fatigue if you had the sort of portions that stallholders give you."
    on Mar 5, 2008 By: Vivek Singh Source: guardian.co.uk

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