cusk cusk  /ˈkəsk/


  1. (n) the lean flesh of a cod-like fish of North Atlantic waters
  2. (n) large edible marine fish of northern coastal waters; related to cod
  3. (n) elongate freshwater cod of northern Europe and Asia and North America having barbels around its mouth


  • Outdoors: Gloucester Party Boat Fishing is second to none

    New Jersey, New York, Florida, Connecticut, New Hampshire....from all over the country they had come to fish for cod, haddock, cusk, and whatever else they could pull up off the bottom on one of Gloucester's premier party boats, the Yankee Clipper. P
    on July 4, 2013     Source: Gloucester Daily Times


  • In his review of the book for The Guardian newspaper, James Lasdun writes "Cusk stakes everything on her ability to make a kind of stately, classical art out of the frictions and details of ordinary life, and it is a testimony to her resourcefulness...
    on Jun 16, 2010 By: James Lasdun Source: Kansas City Star

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