cushiony cushiony


  • (adj) softened by the addition of cushions or padding



  1. Manduka offers the Black Mat PRO, a thick, cushiony black mat, for between $74 and $130, depending on its length, and the biodegradable eKO for between $42 and $70.
  2. Today's models are an exacting mixture of fashion and technology, composed of such materials as synthetic leather and Hexalite, a cushiony substance used in Reebok's newest soles.
  3. But after all that effort, and just when they should be reaching that nice, cushiony air at 31,000 ft.



  • "Experience told me that I was fixing to get hurt, but I went up there and hit that nice cushiony wall, and I didn't get hurt," Waltrip said.
    on Nov 16, 2003 By: Michael Waltrip Source: USA Today

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