curly-haired curly-haired


  • (adj) covered with curly hair


  1. Frankie Thomas, 85, curly-haired actor who shot to fame in the '50s as the hero of TV's Tom Corbett, Space Cadet; in Los Angeles.
  2. Spielberg, meanwhile, saw Holes with his kids and filed the curly-haired teen away in his mind as a possible cinema son for Tom Hanks, should he need one.
  3. G: No, because then Joe would only have a curly-haired brother playing guitar on one side of him on stage.


  • Exclusives : Seth Rogen Beyond Thunderdome

      Seth Rogen’s rollicking, eruptive laugh is a deceptive thing. It might fool you into thinking the curly-haired Canadian is just a laid-back goof who has stumbled into an enviable Hollywood career, acting in blockbusters alongside jaw-droppingly beautiful leading ladies and his hilarious best buds. But that guffaw belies a very real savvy that has allowed the 31-year-old to navigate his path ...
    on June 18, 2013     Source: Filter Magazine


  • "I first saw him when he was nine or 10, a curly-haired, cheeky lad, a bit of a crazy tackler, who would jump everywhere and tackle anyone," says Castaignède.
    on Nov 4, 2003 By: Thomas Castaignede Source:

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