crossbeam crossbeam


  • (n) a horizontal beam that extends across something



  1. When dawn came, three German officers, one the commander, dangled from the crossbeam.
  2. The washer holds the clothes in a rectangular tub while two plungers, attached to a crossbeam that is operated by hand, force water back and forth through them.
  3. Standing bolt upright in their stirrups as they pass under the gallows, the riders lunge at the neck of a freshly slaughtered rooster dangling from the crossbeam.


  • Making repairs

    City of Washington park maintenance workers, Dale Haifley, left, and John Ramsey repair the glider in Sunset Park Wednesday morning. Haifley said that the crossbeam had broken and they were replacing the beam. Ramsey said the glider had been in the park for a long time and he played on it when he was a child.
    on July 25, 2013     Source: Washington Evening Journal

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